Tanzanite Earrings Guide

Pear, Square Tanzanite and Diamond Drop EarringsThe most favored piece of jewelry for most women is earrings. While many women willingly get away with rings, pendants and bracelets, earrings are one accessory that very few women leave at home. The main reason, earrings frame the face and can complete almost any look she desires. Of course, the style and design one opts for would depend entirely on the occasion and outfit.
Interestingly, earrings were discovered back in 2000 B.C. The fact that they remain one of the most coveted jewelry pieces of our time show their strength and consistency in high demand. During the time of their origin, earrings were considered a symbol of wealth and power, which very few could afford. Earrings actually came to be popular in the 17th Century with new ideas and styles originating. With the 20th Century approaching, earrings evolved significantly and there was clear distinctions between earrings suitable for daily wear versus those suitable and elaborate for evening wear.
Over time, earrings underwent great transformations in style and look. One such evolution introduced the world to gemstone earrings that gave completely new perspectives to earrings. Since then, gemstone earrings remain popular throughout the world. With every gemstone being unique in look, color and clarity, each pair has a distinctive feel that one can appreciate.
Similarly, tanzanite earrings not only look beautiful, but always stand apart from the rest because of their blue to violet color spectrum. The intense violet blue color of tanzanite has made their mark in history books. Tanzanite earrings especially look sparkling with elegance. Whether plain tanzanite studs or tanzanites coupled with diamonds, each pair will make you the center of attention.
There are abundant choices in tanzanite earrings. While simple tanzanite studs enhance any look, tanzanites bordered with diamonds add extra shimmer to any outfit. Tanzanite studs whether the classic round and oval, or the more contemporary square and pear, present forever brilliance and beauty. For a more elaborate look, the trillion tanzanite earrings bordered with diamonds, or the round tanzanite earrings with diamonds border are an ideal choice.
For a feminine feel, the tanzanite and diamond heart earrings are highly recommended. These earrings quality for romantic gifts and are sure to win any woman's heart. The journey tanzanite earrings are another category of simply gorgeous. Being a significant piece of jewelry that holds the promise of love and commitment, they make cherished gifts of everlasting love. Within journey earrings, one can choose from the linear tanzanite earrings with or without diamonds or the curved tanzanite journey earrings alternating with sparkling diamonds. For a gorgeous evening look, the two in one tanzanite and diamond hoops with removable danglers would be the right pick for an immense style. The trillion tanzanite and diamond designer danglers will look equally chic and classy.
For tanzanite earrings, there is an ample selection to choose from at Angara. It depends entirely on one's personal preference and style that ultimately determines the selection of the right pair. Tanzanite jewelry enthusiasts have said time and time again, you can never go wrong with tanzanites.

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Author : Ankit Daga