Emerald Ring As A Gift

Heart Emerald and Diamond Twin Heart Bypass RingIn the simplest form, what is the meaning of a gift? Possibly, a treasured item that brings back memories after many years. A gift can also express how strongly you feel about someone. Why are more people leaning towards emerald rings as gifts? There are many reasons, but here are the most popular reasons given by our customers, not in any specific order:

Popularity and Color:

Many enthusiasts wear emeralds for their color and trend. Primary examples are celebrities. Emeralds are the most exclusive green gemstone. The color green is synonymous with eternity, reoccurring growth, calmness and prosperity. Arguably, the greatest emerald ring headliner was the emerald ring Jackie Kennedy received from JFK.


Emeralds are rarer than diamonds, especially in larger gemstone sizes. Sources of emeralds vary, and the places of origin effect the value of an emerald. For example, Zambian emeralds demand a much higher premium than Brazilian emeralds.


For ages, emeralds have symbolized exclusivity, friendship, constancy and growth. For these reasons, emeralds are the perfect gemstone to express your love. It is a deep expression of feelings that one cannot express on their own.

Going Green:

Angelina Jolie, Dita Von Teese and Eva Mendes are just some of the celebrities who have gone green. Green is glamorous, gorgeous and is considered a must-have jewelry color to create a stunning wardrobe.


Emeralds are birthstones for May. If you missed a birthday, emeralds make a great Christmas gift. The luscious gemstone gives you a second chance, and they remain popular purchases throughout the year.


Perhaps the key to the current popularity of emeralds is the mysticism behind the gemstone. Beloved by Venus, Roman Goddess of love and beauty, emeralds remain as one of the most praised stones. Precious in every way, emeralds have a deep spring-green color that symbolizes growth and fertility. Emerald is also believed to be symbolic of devotion and eternal love.
Today, consumers have access to loads of information at their fingertips. Throughout history, emeralds have had associations, both romantic and curative. For example, emeralds formed an eminent part of the breastplate that Aaron received. Ancient Egypt and Cleopatra's romance with emeralds are noteworthy fascinations. In ancient Rome, emeralds were believed to have a soothing effect on the soul. Modern scientists have provided factual evidence behind this myth. Tests indicate that the human eye is more sensitive to green than any other color.
The Middle Ages fortunetellers used emeralds to foretell the future, ward off evil spirits and cure ailments ranging from bad eyesight to infertility. The stone improved memory and brought great wealth to its owner. Emerald is also the traditional gift choice for couples celebrating their 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries.

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