6 Good Reasons to Gift Ruby Rings

Pear Ruby and Round Diamond Vintage RingWhat does a gift mean? Possibly, an item that treasures and creates memories, or is it more meaning and you want to express your love.
So, why are more people leaning towards ruby rings? Here are the most common reasons as cited by others:
  • Popularity and Color: Several celebrities wear rubies for color and trend. After all, rubies are the most exclusive red gemstone found, but the color is also associated with love. Further, red is the color of passion and romance. The latest ruby ring headliner was a 27.37 carat Burmese ruby ring that sold for $4 Million ($146,145 per carat) at Sotheby's in Geneva in May 1995.
  • Rarity: Traditionally, diamond solitaire engagement rings were the way to go, but now more people are realizing the value of colored gemstones, and the exclusive rarity they possess. Sources of rubies vary, and the place of origin has a direct impact on the ruby’s value. For example, a Kanchanaburi ruby demands a much price than one discovered in Australia.
  • Durability: The hardest known gemstone is diamond and the next hardest is sapphire, but ruby comes from the same corundum family. Rubies are considered the cousins of sapphires. This makes ruby rings ideal for daily wear. Not all gemstones have that level of hardness composition.
  • Symbolism: For ages, rubies have symbolized passion, romance, friendship and constancy, and this makes them the gemstone love. They are a deep expression of feelings that cannot be expressed by words.
  • Birthstone: Rubies are birthstones of July and the Zodiac sign for Capricorn. If you missed a birthday or anniversary, then rubies make the perfect gift for Christmas. Rubies will give you a second chance of love.
  • Mysticism: This is perhaps one of the key reasons for ruby’s growth. People now have access to libraries of information about ruby’s mysticism at their fingertips. Throughout history, rubies have been associated with romance and healing properties.
Rubies are also known to symbolize passion, integrity and devotion. In England, ruby was used as a coronation ring. Literally known as 'the King of Gems', the royalty favored rubies because they warded off evil. Most affiliate ruby with the engagement ring of Prince Andrew given to Fergie, Duchess of York.

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