Sapphire Ring As A Gift

East West Set Oval Blue Sapphire Solitaire Ring With Diamond AccentsWhy are more people leaning towards sapphire rings? Everyone may have a different primary reason, so here are the top results in random order:
  • Popularity and Color: Many people wear sapphires for their color and trend, as presented by celebrities at red carpet events. The latest sapphire ring headliner was Penelope Cruz's sapphire engagement ring from Javier Bardem. Blue sapphire is the favored by more than 50% of people. Further, pink sapphires are also quite popular these days for one interested in a more feminine hue.
  • Rarity: Sources of sapphires vary, and the place of origin has a direct effect on its value. For example, a Ceylon sapphire demands a much higher premium price than an Australian sapphire, because Ceylon is known to generate higher quality and larger quality sapphires than any other origin. Other mining locations are Burma and Madagascar, but one cannot compare them with Ceylon.
  • Durability: The hardest known gemstone is diamond (pure carbon) and the next hardest on Moh’s scale is sapphire. Sapphires belong to the mineral family corundum. Because of their durability, sapphire-diamond jewelry is extremely popular and everlasting. For these reasons, sapphire is ideal for daily wear.
  • Symbolism: For ages, sapphires have symbolized fidelity, sincerity, friendship, constancy, and the ideal gemstone to express your love. It is a deep expression of love that one may not be able to express on their own.
  • Birthstone: Sapphires are September birthstones and represent the Zodiac sign of Taurus. In case you missed the birthday or the occasion did not turn out as special, Christmas is a great time for a second chance.
  • Mysticism: The mysticism factor is one of the key reasons for sapphire’s popularity and desire. Throughout history, sapphires have had associations with romance and health. In fact, ancient Persians believed that the earth rests on a huge solid rock of sapphire and for that reason the sky is blue. Sapphire is also an eminent part of the breastplate that Aaron received.

Additional Information

Some believe that the tablets on which the Ten Commandments were written were blue sapphire. Sapphire rings also believed to symbolize prosperity, representing the sapphire ring that King Solomon used to wear. Sapphires were long believed to be antidotes for venom. They were very widely used to treat eye ailments. These beautiful gemstones are said to bring harmony, success and a long life full of youth.

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