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  1. Round Diamond Halo Pendant
    Round Diamond Halo Pendant
    $1,059 - $27,609
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Items 1-36 of 275

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About Diamond Pendant Necklaces

What makes diamonds so special? It's a combination of several factors; from their everlasting brilliance to their association with infinite love and beauty. Additionally, the fact that they are formed under crushing volcanic pressure and intense heat makes them one of nature's rarest and most precious creations.

They are also associated with several interesting folklores. This valuable gemstone was considered invincible and was given to Greek soldiers during wars as a lucky charm. Ancient Romans were of the opinion that the tips on Cupid's arrows were encrusted with diamonds. In Judaism, a diamond was believed to have the ability to differentiate between the innocent and guilty. People belonging to the Middle Ages were convinced that this gem was a "miracle stone" that could heal almost any sickness.

Even if you keep aside these legends, it's hard to ignore the captivating brilliance that diamonds exude. Wearing a pendant that is embellished with them is just one of the many ways to exhibit your love for this scintillating jewel.

It gets its name from the Greek word adamas, which translates to "unbreakable" in English. This gem is formed when carbon atoms arrange themselves in a unique "diamond lattice" crystal structure. Due to this physical property, it gets a 10 on Mohs scale, making it the hardest substance known to mankind. This attribute makes diamond jewelry perfect for daily wear.

At Angara, our collection has designs that range from subtle and sophisticated to elaborate and luxurious. Whether you are hoping to make a fabulous impression at a social event or wish to pep up your corporate look, our diamond pendants will certainly be a great choice. While solitaire pendants are apt for everyday style, the ones with multiple stones are perfect for adding that extra sparkle to your ensemble.

Two stone, halo, dangle, heart, knot, cross, infinity, cluster and journey pendants are some of the other styles you can choose from. Pendants featuring interlocking circles, Celtic knots and double bars are great for women who want to make a unique style statement. Our collection also includes a charming assortment of initial pendants. These have been crafted to create a look you can truly call your own. Here you will find all 26 alphabets, in both upper and lower case, to help you choose the initial that is the closest to your heart. When it comes to deciding on the shape of the diamond, you can opt for something that catches your attention. Round and princess, however, are certainly the most classic choices.

In addition to white or colorless diamonds, Angara gives you the option to pick pendants adorned with stunning blue and black diamonds as well. These are natural diamonds that have undergone color enhancement treatment, which does not alter their physical structure. This means, both black and blue diamonds are exceptionally sturdy and can be worn daily without the fear of damages, such as scratches and chipping.

When it comes to metals, you have many glistening varieties to choose from. But the most popular choices for diamond jewelry remain platinum and white gold. Yellow, two - tone and rose gold are also equally alluring options. At Angara, we offer stunning pendants in a variety of carat weight options and at different price points. You can therefore easily choose the one that meets your preference and budget.

When it comes to remarkably impressive gemstones, very few can match up to the magnificence of diamonds. No wonder it has and will continue to remain one of the most desired precious jewels on earth. Go ahead and indulge yourself with a beautiful diamond pendant from Angara's exquisite collection. No matter what you pick, a stunning piece of jewelry is guaranteed.

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