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  1. Flat Prong-Set Garnet and Diamond Cross PendantToggle Flat Prong-Set Garnet and Diamond Cross Pendant
    Flat Prong-Set Garnet and Diamond Cross Pendant
    $619 - $1,599
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About Garnet Pendant Necklaces

The enchanting deep red color of the garnet radiates a royal and romantic appeal. Also, the gemstone is said to have immense healing properties and acts as a protective talisman for travelers. Garnets are believed to have been used in the adornments of the pharaohs as well as the kings and clergymen of the Middle Ages. Since then, they have been a favorite red gem for women who like to infuse a hint of this intense hue to their look. A pendant adorned with this mesmerizing gem will look stunning on you and enhance your innate grace and beauty.

You'll find some exquisitely crafted garnet pendant necklaces at Angara. Whether they have a single stone or a combination of multiple stones; they all look remarkably eye - catching. Pick a style that suits you and matches your style quotient. If the garnet is all you want around your neck, go for the solitaire pendants in round, trillion or pear shapes. On the elaborate pieces, there are dazzling diamonds that enhance the beauty of the red - brown gemstone. A garnet gemstone pendant with diamond accents on the bale or the halo will make a truly luxurious piece of jewelry.

Designs for garnet necklaces range from classic to vintage to fashionably modern. The shell pendant, floral and ribbon knot pendants are the modern - day favorites of women, while the vintage drop and halo pendants are timeless picks. They come in single bale, V bale and dangling styles while the settings used to mount the garnets are usually prong or bezel. At Angara, you will find stunning garnet pendant necklaces in a variety of stone qualities and carat weight options. The appealing metal options including yellow, white and rose gold, as well as silver and platinum further make it easy for you to choose a piece that matches your preference.