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About Sapphire Pendant Necklaces

When you think of a gorgeous blue gem, a sapphire is most likely to cross your mind. This jewel has enamored people for centuries with its scintillating beauty and continues to do so even today. In fact, sapphire is a part of the "big 3" of precious gems. Not only is it desired for its captivating visual appeal, but also for its symbolism and many metaphysical properties.

In ancient times, people highly revered this gem as they thought it could ward off negative energies. The result of this belief could be seen even on the members of royal families who often wore sapphires as a lucky charm. Even the Greeks and Romans were convinced that this jewel's mystical powers could grant its owner good health and wisdom.

Another amazing feature that greatly contributes to the popularity of sapphire is its robustness. With a rating of 9 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness, it is one of the toughest known substances on earth. This hardness makes sapphire perfect for everyday wear as it is extremely resilient to damages caused due to daily usage.

While sapphire comes in a rainbow of colors, the blue version is undoubtedly the most desired one. They look especially tantalizing when worn in the form of a pendant. At Angara, we present you with an exceptional choice of sapphire pendants that have been crafted to give you the best of style and expert craftsmanship. Take a look at our collection of solitaire pendants for instance. Here you'll find a multitude of elegant pieces that captivate with their artistic brilliance. These pendants are versatile enough for a corporate look as well as a simple dinner date. They also come in an assortment of shapes, such as round, oval, cushion and marquise, among others.

If you're looking for something more extravagant then do check out our assortment of halo sapphire pendants. These magnificent beauties come surrounded with halos of glistening diamonds that take the appeal of the entire piece of jewelry to a whole new level. For women who love contemporary designs, we've got some amazing options for you. From nature - inspired elements and evil - eye patterns, to yard chains and Celtic knots; you'll find them all right here. In addition to these, Angara also offers a whole collection of beautiful heart pendants, which is perfect for someone you love. If you wish to express your faith in a sophisticated way then don't forget to take a look at our glittering cross pendants.

Along with blue sapphires, our fabulous collection also has jewelry pieces adorned with the blossomy pink version of this gem. Due to their alluring color, pink sapphires have been considered a symbol of love throughout history. In several Asian folklores, they have been compared to the sacred lotus flower to draw focus to the purity and beauty of this gem. Today, pink sapphires have become synonymous with feminine elegance and romance. Beautiful pendants by Angara featuring this gorgeous gem are perfect for women who exude a similar personality.

We also offer you several metal options that you can choose from. This particular element of a pendant is often ignored but is quite important as it directly affects the look and durability of the piece. Two of the most popular metals include white gold and platinum. While the first one is known for its distinctive sheen, the latter is celebrated for being exceptionally robust. You can also pick from other glistening choices, such as yellow, rose and two - tone gold, along with silver. At Angara, we also offer options in stone quality and carat weight to help you refine your choice.

Know Your Options

At Angara, it is easy to design the sapphire pendant necklace of your dreams. Begin by choosing the gemstone quality you wish to go with. The quality options for sapphire include good (A), better (AA), best (AAA) and heirloom (AAAA). Next, select the carat weight that fits your preference. Once that’s done, choose the metal that best complements the gemstone - 14k yellow gold, 14k white gold, 14k rose gold, platinum or silver. At Angara, we are committed to crafting exceptional jewelry pieces that exceed your expectations. We also offer free shipping and free returns so that you can shop with utmost convenience and confidence.

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