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About Amethyst Rings

The term "amethystos" in Greek refers to "not being inebriated"; this is where amethyst has derived its name from. Its tranquil purple hue is truly enchanting, elegant and has a royal appeal. Throughout history, this gem has been celebrated for its mesmerizing beauty. At one point it was valued more than diamonds because purple dye was extremely rare and it was affordable only to those who belonged to the affluent class. Soon psychics, members of royal families and priests began wearing amethyst as it was slowly gaining recognition for having amazing metaphysical properties as well. This gemstone was believed to calm the senses and strong sentiments, bring peace and clarity to the mind, promote spiritual upliftment and guard against drunkenness. All these supposed qualities further made amethyst a prized possession. Even today, it is considered to be a symbol of sobriety, contentment and power.

Mohs scale of mineral hardness gives this beautiful gemstone a rating of 7. The amethyst is durable enough to be worn every day in the form of a stunning piece of jewelry. Angara brings to you an enthralling collection of amethyst gemstone rings featuring both traditional and modern styles. Some of the most popular ones include solitaire, three stone and infinity. You will also come across other alluring options, such as halo and vintage - inspired patterns. We also have rings in fashionable designs for those who prefer a contemporary look.

Our master crafters have faceted this splendid gemstone in a variety of shapes and cuts including, round, oval, square, trillion, heart, marquise and cushion. The smooth cabochon and sugarloaf amethysts exude an unconventional appeal when used for the creation of stackable and cocktail rings. Besides this, there are a variety of settings to choose from, such as channel, pave, bezel and prong.

Amethyst is also a wonderful option for an engagement ring. It is often preferred by women who don't want to go down the traditional route with diamonds and wish to experiment with vibrantly colored gemstones. If you or someone you know would like to do the same, then at Angara you'll find many splendid options to choose from. Any piece from our amethyst engagement ring collection will definitely make your special day of love even more memorable.

On all of our luxurious rings, the shank styles vary and often come with vintage or nature inspired intricate detailing. These design elements further enhance the visual appeal of our finely crafted pieces. Many of the rings featured here also showcase diamond accents that create a striking contrast against the intense purple hue of the amethyst, and make the piece even more opulent. Whether you are buying it for yourself or for someone you love, the wide choice in designs will leave you spoilt for choice.

Amethyst is the birthstone of February, and rings embellished with this gem are perfect for those born in this particular month. They are also apt for the sixth anniversary and for celebrating other milestones. When it comes to caring for your amethyst ring, a little time and effort will be required. Besides cleaning your amethyst ring with a solution of mild soap and a soft brush or sponge, you could also get it periodically assessed by a professional. These simple measures will ensure that the beauty of your jewelry will last for years to come.

At Angara, we offer stunning amethyst gemstone rings for women in a variety of styles and carat weight options. They are also available in glistening metals, such as platinum and silver along with white, yellow, rose and two - tone gold. All you need to do is sit, relax and explore, and you'll certainly come across something that meets your style requirements and budget.

Did You Know?

The Hebrew word for amethyst is "ahlamah," which means dream. During the ancient times, this gem was believed to cause visions and dreams.

Know Your Options

At Angara, it is easy to design the amethyst ring of your dreams. Begin by choosing the gemstone quality you wish to go with. The quality options for amethyst include good (A), better (AA), best (AAA) and heirloom (AAAA). Next, select the carat weight that fits your preference. Once that’s done, choose the metal that best complements the gemstone - 14k yellow gold, 14k white gold, 14k rose gold, platinum or silver. At Angara, we are committed to crafting exceptional jewelry pieces that exceed your expectations. We also offer free shipping and free returns so that you can shop with utmost convenience and confidence.

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