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About Black Onyx Rings

A Greek legend says that one day when goddess Venus was resting on the banks of the river Indus, her son Eros broke her fingernails with the tip of his arrow. He then scattered the clippings in a sacred river and they turned into onyxes, as the belief is that no part of a heavenly body must perish. Also, the name onyx means a 'fingernail' or 'claw' in Latin and Greek. This gem has a waxy luster and comes in a variety of colors. However, black continues to remain the most popular choice in jewelry.

In the early times, onyxes were used for various reasons. People in the Middle East rubbed them between their fingers to overcome conflicting and intense emotions. Indians wore them to ward off the evil eye. Onyx was also believed to protect from harmful spells, negativity as well as balance energies and emotions. When it came to jewelry, onyx was used in the form of cabochons and beads in the primitive and medieval times. Today, you will also find dazzling faceted black onyxes set in gleaming metals. And a single glance at a black onyx ring is all it takes to be enamored by its beauty. You can wear it to an after - hours event or gift it to a special someone. Depending on the design you choose, a black onyx ring will reflect your personality and let you make a style statement.

Angara has striking rings in beautiful shapes - round, oval, cushion, pear, marquise and more. The setting is often prong or bezel, and both enhance the gem's appearance in their own way. For an elegant pick, consider designs that feature a bypass or tapering shank or simply opt for a black onyx solitaire. Elaborate rings that showcase black onyx as well as diamonds are great options for significant occasions. We also have rings in vintage inspired and three - stone styles, among others. No matter what you choose, a beautiful piece of jewelry is guaranteed. At Angara, you can decide the carat weight of the gemstone and the metal of the piece as per your preference. This will help you pick a stunning black onyx gemstone ring that meets your style requirements as well as budget.

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