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About Diamond Rings

Diamond derives its name from the Greek word 'adamas', which literally translates to 'unbreakable'. Its hardness is incomparable to any substance and this gem has a rating of 10 on the Mohs scale. It is a known fact that diamond roughs can be cut only with diamonds or laser. The worth of this dazzling gem is evaluated by its optical properties that depend on factors like cut, color, clarity and carat. The clarity determines the fire in a diamond; the lesser the flaws, the better it is. Depending on the buyer's preference and budget, a diamond's carat weight is chosen. But a solitaire will often cost more than a cluster of diamonds of the same carat weight in total.

One of the most common and coveted cuts for a diamond is round brilliant. Besides this, diamonds are available in a variety of stylish and sophisticated shapes including oval, pear, marquise, princess, heart, cushion, radiant, asscher, emerald, baguette, trillion and more. A well-cut, purely colorless diamond is believed to reflect all the colors of the rainbow. This gem also comes in many other fascinating colors, including pink, yellow and blue, to name a few.

Known for its everlasting brilliance, a diamond has been used to represent the essence of undying love since time immemorial. Also, an ancient Roman myth makes a fascinating association of diamonds with love. It says that Cupid's arrow tips are encrusted with diamonds and whoever is struck by them shall fall in love. Diamonds were mined in India as early as 4th century B.C. and were also traded with western Europeans. Members of the affluent class used diamonds in jewelry, talismans and to adorn deities. But it was Archduke Maximilian of Austria who was the first to present a diamond ring to his betrothed Mary of Burgundy. Since then, the rich and the royals began to present their partners with diamond studded rings during the courtship period and wedding ceremonies. Soon the popularity of diamonds picked up and they became a classic choice for engagement rings and wedding bands across cultures.

There are several more legends and folklores about this gem that are engaging for diamond lovers. For example, diamonds were believed to blind the evil eye with its brilliance and protect its wearer from curse and misfortune. Early Greeks and Romans thought of diamonds as splinters from falling stars and tears of the gods. Some scientists claim that diamonds rain on Uranus and Neptune, and that Saturn and Jupiter too are treasure troves of this jewel.

The interesting folklores and the inescapable beauty of a diamond, make it a gem worth cherishing for a lifetime. A ring adorned with this gem is all about endless sophistication. Whether as a symbol of commitment, a token of your love or simply as an accessory, you can never go wrong with a diamond ring. Angara offers a stunning assortment for you to choose from. Browse through our exquisitely crafted designs to pick a piece that blends with your style quotient.

While a solitaire design is both traditional and elegant, a halo ring is apt for those looking for something more glamorous. On the other hand, vintage-inspired patterns with their scrollwork detailing and intricate galleries are perfect for the lady who has an affinity for timeless pieces. The rings with non-traditional designs make stunning accessories for the woman with a modern sense of style. When it comes to the shank, you can choose from the sleek bypass, elaborate split shank, classic crossover and many more.

Diamond eternity rings are perfect for occasions, such as weddings and anniversaries. Heart-shaped designs, on the other hand, will make a great token of love for Valentine's Day. The availability of different glistening metal, stone quality and total carat weight options further make it easy for you to pick the perfect diamond studded ring from Angara.

Did You Know?

Most diamonds were formed billions of years ago, about 100 miles beneath the earth's surface under high temperature and pressure conditions.

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