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About Tanzanite Rings

Tanzanite was discovered by Massai tribesmen in the year 1967, near Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The scientific name for tanzanite is blue zoisite as it is obtained from the mineral zoisite. However, the name blue zoisite was not considered consumer - friendly as it could have been pronounced as 'blue suicide'. Hence, the gemstone was renamed to 'tanzanite'. On Mohs scale of mineral hardness, this gem gets a rating of 6.5, which makes it quite delicate. It radiates a dramatic pleochroism of blue, violet and sometimes burgundy that makes it look unique and fetching. Under incandescent light, a tanzanite looks purple and under fluorescent light, it appears bluish. Many compare a tanzanite's beauty to that of the deep oceans and the twilight skies. As this gem is exclusively mined in Tanzania and is believed to last not more than 20 years, it is considered rarer than diamonds!

Considered to be 'the most beautiful blue stone' to have been discovered in the last 2000 years, tanzanite was mistaken for a sapphire in the beginning. Locals of Tanzania associate a fascinating legend with this gem. They are of the belief that God struck a lightning in the surrounding hills and set them afire, causing the earth around to burn out. After it cooled down, the rocks deep inside turned into this striking and sacred blue gem. Tanzanite is regarded as December's birthstone and also a gemstone to celebrate new beginnings. Among the Massai tribes of Tanzania, this rare jewel is presented to wives to celebrate the birth of a child and to bless the newborn with good luck and prosperity. The gift of tanzanite at child birth is distinctive and symbolic of a fresh start. Additionally, its pleochroic nature is associated with the ability to facilitate a raised level of consciousness. Several cultures also believed that this stone could transform destructive thoughts into positive ones.

Tanzanite looks breathtaking on rings and when accented with diamonds, the piece of jewelry looks remarkably luxurious. As a solitaire, it steals all the attention with its breathtaking beauty. If you are planning to buy a cocktail ring, then opt for a piece that's studded with a defined and sophisticated emerald - cut or a cushion tanzanite. Also, styles such as vintage - inspired, three stone and infinity are great choices for special occasions.

Be it for a corporate look or an after - hours event, a rose, yellow or white gold tanzanite ring will make a great accessory. For couples who are soon to tie the knot, a half - eternity tanzanite wedding band will add sheer dazzle to their special moment. We also have rings with attractive diamond halos and those with diamonds set on the shank for a truly elaborate look. They make alluring engagement rings for brides - to - be. If you're someone who loves unique designs then there are pieces accented with glittering gems, such as brown diamonds and aquamarines. They are perfect for both day wear and a night - out around the town. With a jewelry piece from this segment, you are sure to effortlessly grab attention.

Exceptional and splendid, a tanzanite ring is indeed worth a thousand words! And if care is taken while wearing, cleaning and storing it, this gem will dazzle for years. By all means avoid ultrasonic cleaners as the high - frequency vibrations can damage the quality of this stone. All you need is warm water, mild soap and a soft brush for cleaning. At Angara, we offer stunning tanzanite gemstone rings in a variety of stone qualities, along with metal and total carat weight options. This will help you refine your choice and choose a piece that not only meets your style requirements but budget as well.

Did You Know?

Though believed to have been formed around 585 year ago, the tanzanite was discovered only in 1967. Its rarity and extremely limited supply have caused it to be increasingly recognized as an heirloom.

Know Your Options

At Angara, it is easy to design the tanzanite ring of your dreams. Begin by choosing the gemstone quality you wish to go with. The quality options for tanzanite include good (A), better (AA), best (AAA) and heirloom (AAAA). Next, select the carat weight that fits your preference. Once that’s done, choose the metal that best complements the gemstone - 14k yellow gold, 14k white gold, 14k rose gold, platinum or silver. At Angara, we are committed to crafting exceptional jewelry pieces that exceed your expectations. We also offer free shipping and free returns so that you can shop with utmost convenience and confidence.

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