You found the perfect guy and now the perfect ring. What’s next? You’ve got to click that coveted engagement ring selfie, of course! Gaining popularity for some time now, this sure seems to be the first thing on a newly engaged couple’s to-do list. Planning to snap yours? Follow these tips to get the best shot of your sparkler.


Get a Manicure

Everyone wants to see your ring, but no one wants to see your chipped nails, and the best way to ensure that they look the best is to get a manicure done. A light sheer color will be a safe choice, while a bold color is great for making a sophisticated statement. Use a little moisturizer just before your snap for a fresh look. Just remember to take off your ring before applying anything on to keep your ring sparkling and bright.

Choose Your Background

Backgrounds can infuse a little mystery to your picture and will prompt several questions about the proposal. You could either take the selfie in front of a famous landmark or simply make use of fun props such as flowers, bridal magazines, a jewelry box or a patterned pillow. So, go on and unleash the photo stylist in you!

Go Natural

A soft relaxed hand picture will always look better than a rigid and stiff one. Wiggle your hand around to loosen it and rest it naturally with your fingers slightly bent. Also, remember to remove all other jewelry off your hands. You wouldn’t want anything else to steal the thunder from your engagement ring.

Lighting is Everything

Indirect natural lighting will highlight the beauty of your ring in the best way possible. Think window light minus the shadows or overcast skies. Avoid blending indoor and outdoor lighting, which can create a dull yellowish cast on the picture. Do not use the flash at any cost. Ensure that the ring is the focal point of the picture.

Click Several Pictures

Don’t stick to clicking just a single picture. Take a lot of options from different angles and upload the best one. Don’t even think of going for a collage. Just a single well-shot picture of your engagement ring will do the magic for you. While sharing it on social media, don’t forget to get creative and write the perfect caption. You may also choose to share the location of your proposal if you wish to.


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