Queen Elizabeth II marks her 60 successful years in reign over England and Commonwealth Nations and she did it in her usual imperial Queen Elizabeth style!

Queen Elizabeth II has released a new set of portraits to commemorate the event. The portraits which were taken by royal photographer John Swannell in the Centre Hall of Buckingham Palace in December 2011, showcases Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip.


The royal family matriarch, 85, even after completion of 60 years as a queen of Britain, is in high spirits of serving her people. She said that though she has seen much advances since taking over the throne after her father George VI’s death. She with a clear head and warm heart, is looking over the future where she’ll continue with her services.

It’s a remarkable moment in the royal history of Britain. She addressed the nation after the church services in Norfolk and her message clearly stated that she and husband Philip hope that they will all be reminded of the continued power of togetherness and the convening strength of family, friendship and good neighborliness, examples of which she has been fortunate to see throughout her reign.

The queen in the released portraits is looking absolutely stunning. She is truly an epitome of glamor. With her George IV State Diadem and other diamond jewelry that she had opted for the portrait, Her Majesty has proven that she is the most glamorous woman of the world and so far nothing has outshined her beauty.


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