Tired of seeing diamond jewelry always steal the spotlight? Up for something different and vibrant? Here are 5 colored gemstones that will glam-up your look, while being easy on the pocket. Let’s shine!


  1. Aquamarine

    First up on our list is aquamarine – a favorite of mermaids, sailors and countless people across the world who love its fresh, sea-like hue. Faceted aquamarines are mostly eye-clean (lack of inclusions visible to the naked eye), so expect this gem to exude exceptional brilliance. They are also easily available in large carat sizes that cost a fraction of what diamonds of a similar weight do.

    Looks Best On: Pendants with nature-inspired designs that complement this gem’s calming and beautiful hue.

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  2. Morganite

    This glowing jewel belongs to the same beryl family that also includes lush green emeralds. But morganite holds its own with a charismatic peachy-pink hue that often has salmon-like orange tones. It’s interesting to note that morganites are rarer than aquamarines. They are also found in really large sizes in nature. So when faceted, these stones show strong color saturation and end up looking absolutely eye-catching in jewelry.

    Looks Best On: Bold and dramatic rings that allow this gem to be the focus of attention.

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    Morganite Jewelry

  3. Amethyst

    Guess which gem, other than diamond, is present on the Crown Jewels? The very gorgeous amethyst! This is precisely the reason why it features on our list. Amethyst is renowned and loved for its royal, velvety purple hue. It used to be as expensive as emeralds and rubies, but discovery of large deposits in Brazil brought down the price and made it more accessible to everyone.

    If you too, like us, find this gem absolutely enigmatic then you’ll be happy to know that most fine-quality amethysts come with a modest price tag. Their cost per carat does not rise drastically as the size goes up, which makes this a gem you simply cannot miss!

    Looks Best On: Drop earrings and cocktail rings featuring the amethyst are a dazzling choice.

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  4. Opal

    Did you know, no two opals are exactly alike? During formation, silica gel enters the crevices of the rock and eventually turns into tiny spheres that create extraordinary colors and patterns. So when you look closely at opals you’ll realize one is always different from the other, yet they all offer the same kaleidoscopic flash of hues.

    If you’re looking for a gemstone that is truly unique, and will make you stand out from the crowd then do give opals and their play-of-colors a try. You won’t be disappointed!

    Looks Best On: All types of jewelry, but we especially love it on a bracelet.

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  5. Garnet

    Intense red is a fiery color, and when a gem embodies this shade of love and passion you can expect it to make a bold statement. That is exactly what a garnet does. A crucial factor that adds to the appeal of this gem is that they are rarely subjected to synthetic processes for color and clarity enhancements. Therefore most of the garnets available in the market today are most likely to be 100% natural. Their ready availability further makes it easy to find a high quality yet affordable piece.

    Looks Best On: A pretty pair of earrings or even a simple pendant.

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