Not convinced that pearls are one of the coolest gifts you can give yourself or another special lady in your life? Well, we are. So here’s a list of our favorite reasons that will make you look at this gem differently.

Pearls an Uber Cool Gift

  1. Not Formed Below the Earth’s Crust:

    In a world of sapphires, diamonds and rubies, what makes a pearl stand out? While there are a handful of reasons, the most intriguing fact is that this gem is created by a living organism. Since natural pearls are almost extinct, this jewel is now born from mollusks through the man-made cultivation process. It involves scores of challenges, painstaking efforts and a waiting period that can sometimes last for more than two years for a single pearl.

  2. This Treasure is Real and Rare:

    The reason why some varieties of cultured pearls are immensely valuable is because the oysters that create them are extremely sensitive organisms. To ensure they don’t die or simply reject the implantation process, professional grafters have to provide tremendous care and surgical-level precision. Therefore every gleaming pearl is truly priceless.

  3. Enjoy the Variety:

    Not a fan of white pearls? Take a look at the luxurious champagne hue of South Sea pearls instead. And if you want to really go bold, then try Tahitian pearls for their exotic black hue. Although two different varieties of white pearls may look alike, in reality, all are unique in their own beautiful way. For instance the Akoya pearl is immensely lustrous thanks to the light reflective capacity of its nacre. But a white South Sea pearl, which is more expensive than Akoya, has a soft and satiny luster that is diffused around the edges.

  4. Easy On the Wallet:

    Now pearls can’t be an uber cool gift if you can’t afford it, right? But that’s the great thing about this gem, there’s something for every budget. And freshwater pearls sit right on top of the affordability list. They have a remarkable luster and an almost-perfect round shape. As a matter of fact, today’s heirloom-quality freshwater pearl can easily rival an Akoya in terms of both value and quality. Conclusion – you don’t have to drain your wallet to enjoy the timeless beauty of pearls.

  5. Classy All the Way:

    The unpretentious pearl has made its way to some of the most stunning women in the world; from Marilyn Monroe to Kate Middleton. There’s something about this gem that oozes sophistication and glamour. So it is no surprise that classy ladies from all walks of life own at least one statement pearl jewelry piece. This is the quickest way to upgrade your look into something more refined.

At Angara, we celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of cultured pearls by setting them in equally amazing designs. Explore our collection; we’re sure you’ll find an uber cool gift. And if you need any assistance or advice from our professionals, simply call us on 1-888-926-4272. We’ll always be happy to help!

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