Fall is here, and now’s the perfect time to play up your jewelry game with bold and eye-catching pieces. We know your love for all-time, dainty studs and other subtle accessories. But the warm summer months are gone and the current season is apt for pulling off a bejeweled look with flair. We are talking about statement earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets that are meant to make your outfits even more noticeable. Follow the simple rules mentioned below and you are sure to pull off a striking look and make heads turn in awe.


  1. Choose a simple outfit

    Apart from accessorizing your look, statement jewelry is meant to define your personal style. It can bring life to a simple outfit, make casual outfits look dressier or even ruin your look if not coordinated appropriately. The key here is to keep your outfit simple. Solids, denims and dresses with clean lines lend the perfect canvas for oversized jewelry pieces. You can also color coordinate a gemstone adornment with your outerwear or one of the accessories in your ensemble such as your handbag or your shoes for a well-matched look. If your dress is heavily patterned or has sequins, laces and ruffles, a statement necklace is an absolute no-no. However, a pair of large monotone studs or a cocktail ring can be sported for a stand-out look.

  2. Don’t overdo it

    Avoid piling up all the jewelry on you, or you’ll end up looking too blingy and garish. Wearing statement jewelry is about emphasizing your best features with your favorite accessory. You have to choose your embellishments wisely so that they make a lasting impression without overdoing it. If you are going to wear a pair of cocktail studs, keep the necklace away, and vice versa. Similarly, a heavily embellished bracelet alongside a cocktail ring will look excessive. The golden rule is to wear just one statement jewelry piece at a time.

  3. Balance it out with dainty jewelry

    Though the above mentioned rule is true, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t wear other jewelry in concert with your statement piece. While one cocktail ring on your hand will be enough to command all the attention, you can also opt for a sleek bracelet or a small pendant necklace to finish your look. Alternatively, two statement pieces together can also look attractive, if well placed and not competing with each other. Don’t be afraid to put on a pair of bold stud earrings to accompany your magnificent gemstone ring. Playing up the glitter is also great, if you balance it out.

  4. Consider your neckline and hairstyle

    Especially with a statement necklace, the neckline of your outfit will matter the most. Off-the shoulder, V-necks, scoop necks and plunging necklines work well with a serious statement necklace. Avoid tops with collars by all means. However, with turtle neck and boat neck tops, you can sport a colorful, oversized necklace on top of the outfit for a distinctive look. Just keep the attire simple and in a solid hue so that the jewelry gets the attention and complements your overall appeal. If you choose to wear big and bold earrings, you can pull your hair back into a ponytail, do a chic up-do or simply leave your hair loose, but tucked behind your ears. The key is to keep the spotlight on your gorgeous earrings – and not let your tresses come in their way.

  5. Keep your makeup subtle

    Smoky eyes look fabulous, but not on the days when you are dressed in a striking statement necklace or earrings. We aren’t saying you have to go sans makeup. But if you play down your cosmetic routine, you’ll have a well-balanced look. The rule is simple – if you want to go bold and glittery on your makeup, keep your large pieces of jewelry aside for another day.

Take the above factors into consideration, and you can use your statement jewelry to transform your look from simple and casual to chic and gorgeous in a matter of seconds.

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