Have you noticed your S.O. acting strange of late? Does he seem to be mushier than usual? Has he developed a new interest in knowing about your favorite city, vacation spot or restaurant, or even planning a romantic getaway? Then, you’re most likely in for a surprise proposal. These potential signs may go unnoticed and can be considered as usual relationship things. But if you do recognize them and consider him an appealing life-mate, here’s what you can do to help him and make the proposal even more memorable…


1. Ignore the thriftiness 

If he has been cool about splurging on impulsive purchases or unplanned weekend getaways, but displays a sudden change in his spending habits and becomes thriftier than usual, it’s a clear sign that he’s trying to save on something big. A sparkler is soon about to land on the ring finger of your left hand. Since you have already sensed that a proposal is coming your way, it’s ok to overlook his stingy behavior during this time. Keep in mind, engagement rings do come expensive and so does the wedding soiree thereafter. Take it easy and look forward to the P-day (proposal day).

2. Drop a hint or two

Have any of your rings gone missing lately? Or did he try to peek into your jewelry collection or is he talking more often to your sister/friends? These are potential signs that he is fishing out clues for your dream engagement ring and will soon go down on the knee for you. You can might as well drop hints about a certain gemstone cut or ring design you like, whether you’d prefer a diamond or a colored stone and of course your ring size to make his planning a bit easier. Moreover, you too would want a spectacular ring that you can show off to the world for the rest of your life. Wouldn’t you?

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3. It takes two to tango

Since you have realized that the wedding bells will soon be ringing for you, try not to ruin his romantic surprise proposal and think twice before you turn down his suggestions about an outing or a date night. In fact, you can discuss your favorite place to dine or an offbeat destination that will help him in his endeavor of surprising you in the most beautiful way. After all, this moment is going to be a special one!

4. Take a deep breath and relax

Your significant other may show a sudden shift in his demeanor and display odd behavior patterns like being nervous, distanced or distracted. It may come across to you as if he is losing interest. Well, chances are that he is too anxious about popping the question or there could be other issues regarding work or finances that may be worrying him. Relax and be patient! He’ll soon be back to his usual self.

5. Talk out expectations

If you have been discussing marriage for some time, it’s alright to talk about the proposal too. If you want to involve the family and seek their blessings, you can consider this a great way to spill the beans. Don’t hesitate to discuss your proposal and instead give a surprise to your family and loved ones. This will make the engagement merrier and more fun-filled.

Remember, the more you assure your partner that you too are on the same page, the sooner you’ll see a ring and get yourself a fiancé!

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