One simple look at a brilliant sapphire pendant and you are guaranteed to become all mushy and starry-eyed! Sparkling with vivid blue and blossomy pink hued sapphires, these pendants are treasures that grab the spotlight instantly. With an undeniably stunning aura and charming appeal, they are the perfect accompaniment for every occasion and all the outfits in your closet too. Thus, it is not a surprise that everyone desires to own at least one dazzling pendant embellished with this beautiful gemstone.

So here we have rounded up a list of 7 gorgeous sapphire pendants that are an absolute must-have for every woman.

  1. Pear Pink Sapphire Necklace with Diamonds:

    Pear Pink Sapphire Necklace with Diamonds

    Radiating a lovely hue, pink sapphires are pleasing to every discerning eye. When these pink gemstones are pear shaped and prong set amid a sparkling diamond halo and suspended from a decorative bale with bezel-set diamonds, the outcome is a totally glamorous jewelry piece. Adding to the ethereal beauty of this necklace are the station bezel-set round pink sapphires. We’re sure this beautifully designed necklace is going to be your prized possession.

  2. Blue Sapphire Infinity Drop Pendant:

    Blue Sapphire Infinity Drop Pendant

    Symbolizing forever and beyond, this infinity pendant with its classic design is enthralling. It showcases a pear-shaped blue sapphire prong set at the core of a twisted swirl. Round diamonds partially adorning the artistic infinity accentuate the luxurious allure of this beautiful blue gemstone. Crafted in a lustrous metal, this blue sapphire drop pendant is the ideal accessory for your beloved LBDs, casual outfits and power suits as well!

  3. Bezel-Set Pink Sapphire Halo Pendant:

    Bezel-Set Pink Sapphire Halo Pendant

    Worried about what to wear for a movie night or a casual outing with your girl gang? This pink sapphire halo pendant is your answer. It features a bezel-set round pink sapphire sparkling ceaselessly amid a dazzling halo of brilliant diamonds. Designed exquisitely, this pink sapphire and diamond pendant is a stunner by all means!

  4. Cushion Sapphire and Diamond Halo Pendant:

    Cushion Sapphire and Diamond Halo Pendant

    Nothing compares to the striking beauty of the bygone era. So when luxurious sapphires and brilliant diamonds are encrusted together in a vintage inspired pendant, the outcome is spellbinding. The classic blue sapphire encircled by diamonds and suspended from a diamond bale attracts attention. And the bezel-set diamond connecting the sapphire pendant to the glimmering bale adds to the surreal splendor of this pendant.

  5. Two Tone Pink Sapphire & Diamond Double Halo Pendant:

    Two Tone Pink Sapphire & Diamond Double Halo Pendant

    A striking blend of grace and style, this pink sapphire pendant is a showstopper. The cushion pink sapphire is claw set amid a halo of glimmering round pink sapphires and looks totally enthralling. A diamond adorned infinity acts as the outer halo and elevates the unmatchable magnificence of this glorious pendant. When getting dressed for a wedding or an after-hours event, this pink sapphire pendant is definitely your go-to option.

  6. GIA Certified Cushion Sapphire Pendant with Diamonds:

    GIA Certified Cushion Sapphire Pendant with Diamonds

    What’s better than a sapphire? A GIA certified blue sapphire. When you buy a precious jewel which is authenticated by the world’s most prestigious gemological institute, it gives you a certain degree of assurance to make that purchase. And when a pendant is adorned with this cushion blue sapphire, a double halo of sparkling diamonds and a diamond-studded bale, it is without any doubt a work of art.

  7. Vintage Pink Sapphire Halo Pendant:

    Vintage Pink Sapphire Halo Pendant

    Lastly, we have a stunning pink sapphire halo pendant that will surely appeal to your aesthetic side. It features an oval pink sapphire which captivates the senses with its delightful hue. Precious diamonds encircle this pink gem and adorn the criss-cross bale for added elegance. Drawing inspiration from the vintage era, this exquisitely designed halo pendant is surely going to be a conversation starter at any event.

Now, who wouldn’t love to adorn their neck with these classic, elegant and striking sapphire pendants? Wish to own one for yourself or gift it to your loved one? Then go ahead and browse through Angara, you are sure to find several beautiful sapphire pendants that are bound to make you fall in love right away.

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