Amethyst, a purple color quartz crystal, is a very popular gemstone. This birthstone for February born is appreciated by masses as flawless jewelry items. Amethyst is a beautiful and magnetically splendid gem with significant powers to protect from obstacles and difficulties.

Since its discovery, amethyst has been prized for its mystical powers and amazing purple hues. It is known as the royal stone and was a part of many royal jewel collections.

One of the reasons of its imperial liking is its purple hues. As purple dye was very costly in the ancient times so was forbidden for commoners to use. Only the royal families and the noble clergy had the rights to use the purple clothes. Amethyst, as had the same purple tones, so became the gem of aristocrats. The most prized amethysts were mined in Russia with the Deep Siberian hues.

From Egyptian to British monarchy, the beauty of amethyst had significantly attracted everybody. The credit of amethyst’s popularity goes to Catherine II of Russia who had two pairs of Siberian amethyst girandole earrings. But these were not the only fine amethyst jewelry from the royalties. The Faberge brooch of The Grand Duchess Elizabeth Fyodorovna was also a ravishing epitome of royal amethyst jewelry. This Siberian amethyst brooch, set in gold with single row of silver set rose-cut diamonds was a wedding gift from her husband The Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich of Russia.

Like the Russian royal history, the British royal collection also has many cherishing amethyst jewels. Augusta, duchess of Cambridge was given a Siberian amethyst intaglio brooch by Princess Mary, Duchess of Gloucester. And Princess Victoria gifted a conjoined heart shaped amethyst gold bracelet to her daughter Queen Victoria on the announcement of her engagement. Elizabeth, Duchess of York was given an amethyst necklace by Queen Alexandra.

The glamor of amethyst had not only been limited to royalties. It was also worn as amulets to ward off the evil spells and was considered the stone of love and protection. It was also embedded on Bishop’s ring and its imperial hues symbolize Christ. Due to amethyst’s sacred status Saint Valentine used to adorn it in his antique ring.

This 6th anniversary gemstone present has an unending history. And with every passing day the beauty, grace and charm of amethyst jewelry is creating a new chapter of class. From amethyst rings to earrings and pendants, jewelry lovers have so much to cherish. And on top of all the flawless purple look of amethyst can effortlessly bedazzle your style quotient.

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