Glamour world is a little dull without the brightness of gemstones. The celebrity love for designer gemstone jewelry is world known. Celebrities and royal class have a great passion for rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds.

Uniquely designed jewelry with rare gemstones makes a big part of the celebrities’ personality. Kate Middleton’s royal sapphire engagement ring, Reese Witherspoon’s emerald earrings or Jessica Simpson’s Romantic Engagement Ring, all are show stoppers.

Angara has a lot to make you feel like a celebrity. Our enticing collection of gemstone rings, pendants and earrings has something special for everyone. If you desire to add a hint of royalty to your style then choose the king of gems, Ruby.

The Classic Three-stone Ring with Pear Ruby and Diamond V-Bale Pendant is one of the most cherished combinations. The romance of ruby and diamond here is set in 14K white gold to brighten the looks. Ruby, the birthstone for July born is also a 15th wedding anniversary gift and here it is available in different variations to suit your budget and likes. Also a pair of Pear, Square Ruby and Diamond Dangle Earrings in 14K yellow gold is here to capture the hearts.

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