“Sometimes, the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes.” Perfectly expressed by H. Jackson Brown Jr., famous American writer best known for his New York Times best seller book, ‘Life’s Little Instruction Book’ has touched thousands of hearts.

When a couple falls in love, everything in their world seems beautiful. Every day seems like a new beginning with every night a date night. New romance, new feelings and new fantasies are what rule our hearts. When everything becomes so beautiful, enchanting and magical, why wait for a special day such as Valentine’s Day to express your love?


Make her day special with dazzling gemstone jewelry gifts, which she’ll cherish forever. A pendant necklace is one that hangs close to her heart, making for a perfect reminiscence of your love. Let’s have a look at a few pendant necklaces designed to woo her.

Ruby Heart:


Consisting of a fiery red ruby heart representing your passionate love for her. The twisted metal design holds a dazzling diamond at the end, adding more sparkle. Present and witness a heavenly smile on her face.

Sapphire Heart:


Love as deep as waves running through oceans, this sapphire pendant necklace is impeccable, cut into a heart shape with a double halo row of diamonds. Your beautiful pendant is topped with a bale encrusted with a trio of diamonds. What else is needed to move her heart? She will love you forever!

Emerald Heart:


Birthstone of May and symbol of luck and prosperity, emerald makes for a perfect gemstone gift. The pendant features a Gold (or Platinum) heart, enveloped by a love knot, which is encrusted with shimmering green emeralds. It clearly reflects the message,‘ My heart has tied a love knot with yours!’

Did you notice a similarity between the above pendants? They are all heart-shaped, but more interestingly, no love story can begin without an exchange of hearts. Feelings pour out; fragrances and blossom from our hearts, creating a romantic ambiance.


What are your thoughts about presenting a love soaked heart pendant to her? Which gemstone heart necklace did you love the most, ruby, sapphire or emerald, and why? Share with us your thoughts.

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