You’ve gotta be insane to look away from this one! Angara’s offer on Cyber Monday beats all other online stores. Exclusively on Cyber Monday, grab this amazing amethyst pendant with a good quality amethyst of almost one carat, on every purchase of $499 and above.

The color of spirit, amethyst brings out the best in a person and goes with all colors and all outfits. Good quality solitaire amethyst is mounted in pure silver and comes with a superb silver cable chain. All yours in a click!

This is a gemstone that is said to bring calmness and clarity when you are facing confusion and anxiety. Associated with inner peace and positive transformation, amethyst is a must have if these qualities are what you yearn for in life.

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    1. Thank you Costume Wigs for the warm compliments! There is inspiration all around us. With such inspiration, writing comes naturally. Please continue to review and comment. Your comments are most welcome and your thoughts are priceless. 🙂

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