Newly discovered gemstone tanzanite has created waves among gem connoisseurs. The lovely color of the gemstone is a fine blend between deep violet and royal blue with a velvety shine. Tanzanite gets its name from the African country Tanzania, the only place in the world where it can be found.

Since tanzanite is a recent find, it is popularly known as the gemstone of the 20th century. The fact that these gemstones are rarest of rare makes them more interesting. According to The Tanzanite Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting tanzanite and those associated with its mining, tanzanite gemstone is a 1000 times rarer than diamonds. The obvious reason is its limited source which is fast waning. This generation has the privilege to be the first time owners of a tanzanite gemstone. In the year 2002 this rare gemstone was added to the American Gem Trade Association’s list of birthstones. Tanzanite is the birthstone for the month of December.

Tanzanite jewelry is for those who value exclusivity. A sound investment, tanzanite jewelry is a must have before all other gemstone jewelry.

Tanzanite rings and loose tanzanites to be mounted as per your choice are yours by clicking here.

Tanzanite earrings and tanzanite pendants make great jewelry gifts for December born, or also otherwise.

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