One of the best ways to display your fondness for vintage designs is through your collection of ornamental jewelry. The filigree on such exquisite pieces is equally awe-inspiring as the gemstones studded on them. Common filigree motifs include nature-inspired patterns such as vines, flowers and leaves, heart-shaped motifs, paisleys, Celtic motifs or twisty scrollwork. They lend a unique, timeless allure to the jewelry piece. Know more about this coveted design element of all times…

What-is-Filigree-JewelryVintage Style Diamond Flower Scroll Ring

The technique:

Filigree is different from engraving, although they look similar. Engraving is all about carving, while filigree work essentially involves pliable wires and beads of platinum and gold that are bend, twisted and wrapped into intricate patterns that are essentially separated by open spaces. Sometimes these elaborate lace-like designs are combined with milgrain detailing and gemstone accents. This metalwork technique allows the wearer to appreciate the precision and expert craftsmanship on the jewelry.

The origin and the history:

Etymologically, the word ‘filigree’ originated from the Latin ‘filum’ meaning thread and ‘granum’ meaning grain or bead. These Latin words also gave the Italian term filigrana and the French, filigrane. The filigree metalwork we see today is a throwback to an unforgettable age-old technique, inspired by ancient Greek, Etruscan, Indian, Egyptian and Mediterranean jewelry. During the Victorian era, Edwardian era as well as the Art Nouveau and the Art-Deco times, filigree became popular again, and since then its timeless charm continues to appeal.

Benefits of choosing a filigree ring:

Filigree work makes a ring with a smaller center stone appear magnificent and exquisite. The fine embellishments exude distinctive charm and bring a romantic vintage vibe to the jewel. For a stunning view from every angle, some ornamental pieces also feature filigree detailing on the sides and the gallery. If you are in love with filigree rings, check out our collection of vintage-inspired jewelry. These rings make perfect engagement rings for women who would love to receive a unique token of love.

Filigree pendants and earrings:

Apart from rings, vintage-style earrings and cocktail pendants also feature elaborate filigree motifs on the sides and the back. They are truly timeless picks that remind you of an elegant past and do not seem to go out of fashion. Whenever you want to add an element of opulent charm to your look, you can adorn one of these gorgeous jewelry pieces.

Choosing the right metal:

Since filigree patterns are fine and intricate, it is essential to take the durability of the metal into consideration. Platinum is highly pliable and more hard-wearing than gold, but it is comparatively an expensive choice for filigree work. If you want your scrollwork jewelry to stay in good shape for years to come, we do not suggest a 24k gold in white, yellow or rose gold as a metal option. Though the 24k gold is 100% pure, it is very soft and not advisable for delicate designs and gemstone settings. You can either opt for 14k or 10k gold in any color of your choice.

Are you besotted with filigree jewelry? You’ll come across several fascinating rings with exquisite metal work in our vintage-inspired collection. Pick your faves.

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