Style, charisma, appeal, glamour, and stardust; these are just the tip of the iceberg when describing Elizabeth Taylor. We know words are simply not enough when describing her. Her star- studded personality and fashion sense set style trends which are admired even today. The legendary icon is not only famous for her grandeur, but also for her exquisite jewelry collection.


Let’s discuss a sample from Elizabeth’s most popular, outlandish jewelry collection:

Burton Diamond:


In 1969, Henry Wilson (who cut this diamond) put up this ring up for auction. Cartier won and bought Wilson’s ring for $1,050,000. Without wasting time, Richard Burton (Elizabeth’s fifth husband) bought this ring for $1.1 Million. The most iconic jewelry of her collection, this ring has a pear-shaped diamond weighing 69.42 carats. Interestingly,as a diamond of this size was impossible to wear in a ring, she worked with Cartier to convert to a pendant, costing her 40,000 pounds. When she got divorced from Burton, she auctioned her pendant for $5 Million, which was eventually used to build a hospital in Botswana.

Krupp Diamond:


A 33.19 carats diamond, considered to be one of the most flawless diamonds of its time, Richard Burton also presented this to Elizabeth. The ring originally belonged to Vera Krupp. Richard won the ring in a fierce bidding war for 305,000 pounds. This became Elizabeth Taylor’s favorite ring and she wore her ring almost every day. Interestingly, this large flawless diamond was rechristened as ‘The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond’.

Taj Mahal Diamond Necklace:


A glamorous necklace from India, Taj Mahal Diamond Necklace holds a long history. In 1627, Moghul emperor of India presented this heart-shaped diamond to his beloved son Shah Jahan. He gifted to his wife Mumtaz-Mahal (famous for building a monument for his love called ‘Taj Mahal’). In 1972, Richard bought this in auction for £350,000. When presented to Elizabeth, she replaced the necklace’s silk cord with another one made with diamonds and rubies. This Taj Mahal necklace, when auctioned at Christie’s, fetched a record breaking $8.8 Million.

La Peregrine Pearl:


Another gift of love from Richard, this pear-shaped 223.8 grain pearl was bought for $37,000 in a 1969 auction. Richard gave her the pearl as a Valentine’s Day gift during their first marriage anniversary. She made Cartier create a custom designed necklace including pearls, rubies, and diamonds. After her death, when this beautiful necklace went for auction at Christie’s, this impressive necklace fetched an amazing $11 Million. The unbelievable story behind her pearl’s origin is that it was found in sixteenth century by a slave in Gulf of Panama. Before coming to Elizabeth, La Peregrina Pearl travelled from Spanish Royals to Duchess of Abercorn.

Duchess Vladimir Suite:


A luscious emerald and diamond set, including necklace, earrings, bracelet, and a brooch, was presented by Richard to her gorgeous lady. This suite was named as ‘The Grand Duchess Vladimir Suite’, because of its resemblance to tiara of Queen Elizabeth II. She chose to wear this incredible set for very special events such as her first wedding anniversary to Burton in Montreal, Canada in 1964.

Ruby Suite:


Mike Todd, Elizabeth’s third husband, surprised her with a ruby and diamond suite made by Cartier. This set included a necklace, earrings, and a bracelet. He presented her at poolside of their home, and the astonished actress, wore them and jumped into the pool wearing these expensive jewels. Later, this suite was sold at Christie’s auctions for $5.4 Million.

Diamond Tiara:


Mike Todd presented his forever beautiful wife with an antique diamond tiara, which was estimated at $60,000. While presenting to her, he quoted, “You are my queen and I think you should have a tiara.” Although, not popular to wear tiaras at that moment in time, the trendsetting lady wore her new found love to 1956 Academy Awards. Her husband won the ‘Oscar for Best Picture’ that time for his film ‘Around the World in 80 Days’.


To your surprise, let’s tell you that these were not the only stunning jewelry she possessed! Other jewelry that spread razzle-dazzle is ‘The Granny Suite’, ‘Diamond Chandelier Earrings’, ‘Bulgari Sapphire Sautoir’, and ‘The Prince of Wales Brooch’. We feel ecstatic and euphoric every time we read about these astounding jewelry gifts. How do you feel; what are your thoughts? Did these magnificent jewels complement her, or did her glamorous personality complement these stunning jewelry gifts?

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  1. I am a big fan of hers. Love her jewelry.
    My favorite is her Ruby necklace, as that’s my birthstone.

    1. Rebecca,

      You are very very very fortunate that Ruby is your official birthstone. Only the lucky are so fortunate! The more you read about Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection, the more you’ll be left speechless and in awe! She had many husbands, but she had even more jewelry collections during her lifetime as an actress and role model! Learning about Elizabeth Taylor and her lavish lifestyle can take years, but as you read further, you’ll be happier and happier. Thanks again for your wonderful comment! 🙂

    1. Hello Elisson,

      Thank you for your wonderful comment. We could not have said this better ourselves. Although, Elizabeth Taylor had a rich career as an actress, they was pampered by several husbands. She was known to love gemstone jewelry as it makes us feel glamorous, gives us confidence and increases our self-esteem. However, with the number of husbands, there is a clear correlation of added jewelry, one more expensive than than next. Gemstone jewelry is certainly a way to express your love and care with friends and family. Each gemstone has it’s own personal positive metaphysical properties. For example, ruby is always associated with love, romance, and passion. Sapphire is connected with purity and strength. Emeralds are associated with prosperity, fortune and luck. Finally, diamonds are forever connected with eternity, being the hardest gemstone on Mohs Scale. When colored stones and diamonds come together, they create an unbelievable combination that leaves us speechless and in complete and utter awe.

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