Radiating a beautiful blue hue, sapphires have been cherished for centuries. They are the most popular of all colored gemstones and extremely coveted for their breathtaking beauty. A proud part of several royal treasures, they are vastly adored for their bold appeal even today. Ranking 9 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness, sapphires come second only to a diamond. Moreover it is also the vibrant September birthstone and makes a dazzling present for the 5th and 45th marriage anniversaries.

September Birthstone Sapphire

From the Past:

Sapphire is believed to have derived its name from the Latin word ‘Saphirus’ and the Greek word ‘Sappheiros’, both of which mean ‘blue’. It is a highly valued gemstone and holds a position of great reverence in many cultures across the world. Not surprisingly, this enchanting blue gemstone also has several fascinating legends surrounding it. The ancient Persians believed that sapphires painted the sky blue with their reflection, while the Catholics thought that sapphires were a holy stone and symbolized heaven. Ancient Greeks and Romans considered sapphires to have the power to protect people from harm and evil. Interestingly, an old folklore even states that the stone tablets on which the Ten Commandments were written were actually sapphires!


Prized since the time of their discovery, sapphires have always been linked to several positive qualities. They are widely considered a symbol of nobility, fidelity and truthfulness. Sapphires are believed to protect their wearers from harm, envy and evil eye. They are said to bestow people with wisdom, sincerity, peace, serenity, happiness, joy and prosperity. They are also considered to increase awareness of justice, promote good health, bring romantic love and keep the thoughts pure.

How to Wear:

Sapphires come in all colors of the rainbow like yellow, green, orange and some are even colorless. From all of these, blue and pink sapphires are extremely popular. Rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants embellished with this captivating gemstone are bound to draw attention from everyone. An elegant sapphire bracelet is your go-to accessory when you are getting ready for a casual outing or a movie night with your friends. The look of your monochrome outfit or beloved LBD is instantly uplifted when paired with gorgeous sapphire earrings. The combination of a striking sapphire cocktail ring with your glamorous party ensemble is sure to make heads turn. Additionally, engagement rings and wedding bands adorned with sapphires look spectacular too. Sapphires complement almost all your outfits and look exceptional when paired with diamonds. Be it a formal or an after-hour’s event, the irresistible beauty and dreamy appeal of sapphires will always steal the show.

With their magnificent appeal and stunning elegance, sapphires have charmed one and all. Are you a fan too? Wish to add this fabulous gemstone to your collection or gift it to a September-born friend? Then visit Angara and browse through our extensive collection of sapphire jewelry. We are sure you will find something that you will love.

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