Diamond, with its unmatchable brilliance and irresistible shine, is one of nature’s most wonderful and beautiful creations. Everyone, including celebrities and royals, loves to own and flaunt this gem. They have been known to grace the most prestigious occasions such as red carpet events and royal coronations too. Apart from white or colorless, diamonds come in several other colors too. Blue, green, orange and red are the rarest, while yellow and brown are the most common ones. With a rating of 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, diamonds are the hardest material found on the earth. This glorious gem is the birthstone for April and makes an exceptional gift for those celebrating their 60th and 75th wedding anniversaries as well.


From the past:

The beauty and power of the diamond have intrigued mankind since the ancient times. Many cultures have interesting legends surrounding this gem. Ancient Greeks named diamonds as ‘adamas’ (meaning invincible) and thought of them to symbolize the tears of weeping gods. On the other hand, ancient Romans considered diamonds to be a part of the outer rings of the stars that fell on the earth. It was during the Renaissance period, that diamonds were thought to be the ultimate gift of love. Archduke Maximillian gave a diamond engagement ring to Mary of Burgundy in 1477 and started this trend among the wealthy and royals.


Diamonds have been endowed with abundant positive and mystical attributes. It is said to improve the wearer’s clarity, energy, faith, growth and endurance. Also, it is believed to attract strength, power, purity, innocence, creativity, courage, spirituality and relationships full of love. Diamond is also assumed to be a stone of winners and was a talisman of Julius Caesar as well as Napoleon. In short, it is a symbol of success, truth and perfection.

How to wear:

You can never go wrong with a diamond. Jewelry pieces embellished with diamonds work wonders and are definite showstoppers when worn with any outfit and for any occasion. A diamond-studded tennis bracelet or a simple pair of diamond earrings is sure to elevate the appeal of your work attire. Your look for a casual outing or an evening with friends can be taken to a new dimension with a beautiful diamond pendant necklace. Diamond dangle earrings are sure to accentuate the beauty of your ensemble for an after-hours event.

Wish to add this unparalleled gemstone to your collection? Take a look at Angara’s wide collection of stunning diamond jewelry. You will find rings, earrings, pendants as well as bracelets with designs inspired from the vintage era, art deco period and even contemporary times. Customization options in carat weight, metal and gem quality make it even easier to shop for diamond jewelry that suits your style.

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