Resembling the breathtaking beauty of deep blue seas, an aquamarine will make you fall in love with it. So much so that you’d want to immerse in its calm and serene exuberance. This enchanting icy blue gemstone is widely used in fine jewelry and has also found its way into the royal jewels around the world. Known as the March birthstone, aquamarine is a suggested gemstone jewelry gift for 16th and 19th marriage anniversaries as well.

Aquamarine March Birthstone

From the past:

The association of aquamarine with the seas is not restricted to its beauty alone. The name ‘aquamarine’ originated in the Latin words aqua meaning ‘water’ and marina meaning ‘sea’. Also, in the ancient times, sailors carried aquamarines with them to have a safe voyage and ward off sea sickness. Regarded as their good luck gemstone, the aquamarine is also believed to be a treasure of the mermaids.

There is no doubt that several queens and princesses have a fondness for this lovely sea blue gemstone. Queen Elizabeth II owns an impressive parure of aquamarine adornments. The Dutch royal jewels also boast of a scintillating suite of aquamarine ornaments. Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna’s beautiful aquamarine brooch was a gift from Nicholas II of Russia. Also, the Belgian queen Fabiola owned a fascinating collection of aquamarine pieces including a pendant, a pair of drop earrings and a tiara.

What it symbolizes:

The cool blue hue of aquamarines has a calming effect on the senses and reduces stress, which is why they were favored by ancient mystics and healers. For seeking inner serenity and clarity of thought, aquamarines are known to be effective. They inspire wisdom, courage, tolerance and generate calm and gentle energies in the wearer. Believed to be an excellent gemstone for a harmonious conjugal life, aquamarines are given as tokens of love, commitment and fidelity.

How to wear:

The most extravagant aquamarine piece can look enormously elegant and sophisticated. You can team this gemstone with any outfit. With pastel outfits, an aquamarine pendant or earrings will complement in a nice way. On a black, red or a brown dress, your aquamarine jewelry will stand out. Aquamarines in combination with shimmering diamonds create a luxurious blend. At gala events, you can make a bold statement with an aquamarine and diamond cocktail ring. On work days, a pair of aquamarine studs will add the essential sparkle to your look, with a hint of blue.

Looking forward to wearing an exquisite aquamarine dazzler to a cocktail evening? Pick from our mind-boggling collection of aquamarine rings, earrings and pendants. At Angara, you will come across vintage styles, Art Deco designs, simple and elaborate pieces. Aquamarines look bold on rose gold and elegant in white and yellow gold. What do you prefer?

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