Why wait for a push gift when you can design one yourself? Actress Mila Kunis, who recently gave birth to her first child with fiancé Ashton Kutcher, designed a motherhood ring to mark the milestone. Collaborating with Italian jeweler Marina B, she designed a special emerald ring in honor of her daughter, Wyatt Isabelle.

Mila-Kunis Ashton-Kutcher Baby Emerald-Ring

According to Kunis, “Carrying a child and bringing new life into the world marks the start of an incredible journey. Throughout history, every culture has its own way of recognizing this extraordinary event, often with a gift for a mother or child.”

The ring, appraised at $4,800, consists of a large center emerald from Gemfield’s Zambian mine studded in 18K Yellow Gold. Traditionally, emeralds symbolized ‘motherhood, wisdom and long-lasting love.’ Hence, this became the focus of Mila’s personalized ring design.

In fact, Kunis is the company’s global ambassador. She agreed to design the ring, while promising the proceedings will go to a maternity center in Zambia, near the gemstone company’s mines.

Mila-Kunis Inspired-Emerald-Ring-at-Angara

Emerald motherhood rings are definitely a beautiful way to celebrate your child’s birth. If you wish to design a significant momentum piece of jewelry for such a special moment, emeralds are a must have. You can explore any of our pre-designed pieces, or can customize your own at an economical value. Angara‘s Personal Jewelers are always there to help you find the best jewelry for your life’s most important moments. Jewelry for love, jewelry forever.

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