Stardust, glamour, allurement, and appeal; these are sprinkled on us, leaving us mesmerized, every time we see and/or hear about our favorite Hollywood celebrities. As much as their beauty and charismatic personalities hypnotize us, it’s their dazzling jewelry that cast a spell. More importantly, we love how A-list stars announce their surprise engagements, flaunting to the world!


Yes, we are referring to the most famous Hollywood engagement rings. This is a repetitive, intriguing trend, in which actresses proudly show off their beautiful engagement rings to everyone, especially paparazzi, who cannot help, but unveil. As soon as breaking news is out, print and social media notifications are ringing off the hook, and we are left in euphoria after knowing about these spectacular rings. Let’s recall four mind-boggling Hollywood celebrity e-rings:

Sofia Vergara


This gorgeous actress got engaged to Joe Manganiello in December 2014. She wears a large diamond halo ring, which was first displayed at Screen Actors Guild Awards. Sofia was looking smoldering hot in her blood-red gown.

Halle Berry


She noticeably shattered the myth that only diamonds can adorn fingers of an A-list celebrity! She chose a luscious emerald to beautify her special ring. Her e-ring from Olivier Martinez perfectly incorporates emerald-diamond complementation as the center gemstone is flanked by diamonds on each side.

Penelope Cruz


Penelope Cruz is another fan of colored gemstones as well. We can clearly see this in her engagement ring from Javier Bardem. Her floral ring features a three carat blue sapphire (oval shaped), surrounded by shimmering brilliant diamonds.

Angelina Jolie


Calling Angelina a ‘goddess of beauty’ is an understatement. Brad Pitt proposed to her with a magnificent diamond engagement ring. Pitt gave credit to Robert Procop, famous celebrity jeweler, who helped make it happen. The center diamond is one of the finest qualities, and her side diamonds are customized to encircle Angie’s finger!

Most women, across the globe dream about having celebrity inspired engagement rings. Often times, we find they drop plans to purchase because of their astronomically high price tags. You do not need to eliminate your desire to adorn yourself with natural gemstone jewelry.


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