International Women’s Day is a perfect time to celebrate high achievements of women worldwide. Today, women have a more significant impact and role in society than ever before. We have witnessed women bringing revolutionary change in most fields. Several of which emerged as powerful leaders and continue to inspire younger generations.


From technology to finance and politics to film, women hold an executive position. While you prepare to celebrate, here is a complied list, but not limited to, of world’s most inspiring women. Certainly, each of them have set examples, created higher standards and provided motivation to strive higher, knowing that your goals will be superseded.

Marissa Mayer – CEO of Yahoo!


Just two years ago, she became CEO of Yahoo!. Since her inauguration, she’s acquired eighteen major companies (i.e. Tumblr), hired highly talented employees and famous celebrities, re-branded and redesigned Yahoo! and the face of the company. All together, Mayer has made approximately $215 Million at Yahoo!. However, growth does not end there for Marissa. She also serves as Board Member of Walmart and remains a prominent angel investor. This mother of one proves women can successfully manage and balance career and family lifestyles.

Beyoncé Knowles – Grammy Winner


Commonly referred to as “Queen of Pop”, she is an iconic singer, songwriter and actress. Her fashion and style sense is exceptional. With 17 Grammy awards and 46 nominations, this pop star is the third biggest winner in awarded history. In addition to her successful music career, she perfectly plays the role of a mother and a wife. One of world’s most beautiful women, she was recently honored with a spot on Time magazine’s ‘100 Most Influential List’.

Jennifer Lee – Screenwriter and Co-Director of ‘Frozen’


Known as “Disney’s New Animation Queen”, Lee created history by writing and co-directing one of Disney Studio’s most inspiring animated movies,’Frozen’. More praisingly, her film won multiple Oscars in 2013. She is now setting her eyes on a Science Fiction mega blockbuster.

Lupita Nyong’o – Oscar Winner


She won the Oscar for her first film ever, then honored as People’s ‘Most Beautiful Woman’ in 2014. Two great titles in a year is praisworthy achievements for anyone. This Mexican-born Kenyan grew up to be one of the most talked about celebrities on the red carpet. Her immaculate fashion sense and simplicity has become a winning combination. This new face of Lancome was a presenter for this year’s Oscars, which is the most prestigious award ceremony in motion pictures.

Malala Yousafzai – Girls’ Education Activist


Surviving a brutal Taliban assassination attempt, this Pakistani girl became a live example of female empowerment and will power. She raised her voice and advocated for what she believed was right. She stood for education and equality for women in a Muslim country. Malala showed you can win a tough battle with determination, perseverance and persistence. She became the youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate ever and was on the cover of Time magazine, well-recognized and distributed globally. She also released a memoir – ‘I Am Malala’, which is one of the most desired books for International Women’s Day.

Janet Yellen – Federal Reserve Board Chair

She is the first woman to head the Federal Reserve in 100-years banking history. In just a few months, her leadership and influential recommendations made our stock exhange soar to new levels.


International Women’s Day is certainly a time to appreciate, remember and honor women worldwide. However, let’s not forget women who created a difference in our lives. Whether she is a mother, wife, daughter and/or friend, she deserves a honorable applaud. By marking this special occasion with a beautiful gift as jewelry, you can make their day more special and memorable. If a classic piece of jewelry can give them endless joy, then it ‘s a gift worth giving. Isn’t it?


Tell us who are the most inspiring and influential women in your life, and why?

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