Jewelry is an expression of your style and individuality. It adds a touch of flair to your ensemble and makes a fabulous fashion accessory. Apart from this, jewelry can also be culturally significant icons that hold greater meaning and value. It can be worn as a reminder of one’s faith or simply as a symbol that brings in good luck and prosperity. Angara’s all-new Wear Your Luck collection, featuring a wide variety of lucky symbols, is perfect for anyone who wishes to attract some good luck into their lives.


The assortment includes around fourteen symbols such as the horseshoe, hamsa, evil eye, key, cross, shooting star, Star of David, clover, peace sign, wheel, yin yang, wishbone, axe head and barn star. There are signs that are associated with luck, protection and positivity as well as those that ward off evil. The jewelry pieces are embellished with glimmering diamonds and alluring colored gemstones. You can also choose the stone quality, the metal or the carat weight according to your preference.

Angara’s Wear Your Luck collection includes elegant rings, stunning earrings as well as gorgeous pendants. Masterfully crafted to perfection, each piece in the assortment is sure to draw the eye. The designs exude an edgy air and are both fascinating and loaded with symbolic meaning. Those adorned with white diamonds have an understated yet charming appearance, while the pieces with vibrant colored gems are bright and extravagant.

Whether you wish to express your affinity for a particular symbol, infuse some lucky elements to your jewelry box or give your everyday outfits a one-of-a-kind edge, you must take a look at Angara’s exquisite Wear Your Luck Collection. A piece from this selection will also make a great and thoughtful gift for a loved one, no matter what the occasion is. Browse through the collection right away and pick the symbol that speaks to you the best. After all, we all need a little bit of good luck coming our way and what better than jewelry that’s meant to attract all the good things in life and make your dreams come true.

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