“You know you are in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” Well expressed by Dr. Seuss, renowned American writer and cartoonist. Most can relate to this love quote at least once in our lifetime. If we cannot relate, we can certainly admire. In fact, a newlywed celebrity couple that we admire and adore reflects this quote.


Nikki Reed (26) and Ian Somerhalder (36) married in a romantic outdoor ceremony on April 26th in Malibu. Love was in the air, and you could feel over the top ambiance around you. They did not believe in wasting a single moment, tying the knot just after dating for nine months. They got engaged four months ago, and although their big day was kept a secret, their beautiful pictures leaked on Twitter.


The most stunning thing that caught our attention, and left us in awe, was her glamorous wedding gown. From head to toe, she was draped in white lace gown with a fishtail, which fell perfectly around her when she posed with her handsome groom. The dream-wedding gown was backless, elegantly showing off her skin. Groom was also dressed in white, perfectly showcasing love and coordination. Her white floral bouquet in her hands added further grace.


The love soaked couple was seen kissing each other passionately, gazing deeply into each other’s eyes. Ian expressed his soulful joy in a few words, “most beautiful morning ever” by subtly posting on Twitter. He posted this tweet to his beloved bride moments after getting married. The news of their wedding did not even leak out before he expressed his love through a romantic tweet.

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We’ve completely fallen in love with her gown and this newlywed couple. What are your thoughts on her wedding dress and their wedding itself? Do you believe their wedding falls in the top 10 within the last decade, or not? Share with us your thoughts. we look forward to hearing from you.

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