Ruby, the birthstone for July with its dazzling red hue is considered as one of the most beautiful gemstones. An epitome of love, romance and passion, this stunning gem has much history and lore attached to it. Old Indian scriptures refer to ruby as Oval, Round Ruby and Diamond Earrings ratanraj’ or ‘king of gemstones’. Some Hindu mythologies describe the palaces of Gods and Goddesses to be lit by emeralds and rubies. It is even said that in ancient times in India, whenever a particularly fine quality of ruby was found, the king would send a group of noblemen to welcome the gem. Anniversary stone of 15th and 40th year of marriage & the Zodiac stone for the Capricorns, ruby was often worn by kings and the other royalties as it was believed that it protects wearer from any kind of harm. The gem scores 9 on Mohs’ Scale of hardness, making this incredible gem apt for daily wear. The sensuous red color of rubies is perfect way to enliven any outfit of yours. Whether you want to wear something to complement your work wear or your something to glamorize your evening dress, rubies have a beautiful quality of never going unnoticed. So are you all set to paint the World Red!

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