These premium emerald rings are ones that reflect superior quality, which is what that she truly deserves. The emeralds and diamonds used in these rings are exclusive, and some of the best available in the industry. Painstakingly crafted in several hundred man hours, show your appreciation through one of these exquisite rings.

Emeralds have romanced the aristocrats and monarchs from earliest times. No mention of History of Egypt and Cleopatra is complete without an allusion to these lush green gems. Revitalizing and rare, emeralds may symbolize the eternal spring of your love.

As with all products at Angara, the quality of gems remains uncompromised. The team of experts extends their assurance via Certificate of Authenticity. This premium range is available at prices that are the most competitive in this segment. The reason is that at Angara, all gems are sourced directly, with no middlemen. This is one section that people visit when they are making a once in a lifetime purchase.

Browsing through the premium emerald rings section, bear in mind that this will become a valued possession that would be passed down through succeeding generations. So, when you pick one of these, it is not just an ordinary jewelry purchase, it is an investment you are making, of yourself and your values.

Wearing a premium emerald ring makes one a part of that elite circle that was always admired and desired from afar. The reason these rings are categorized as premium is because originally, in Latin, praemium meant “what one has got better than others”. Doesn’t need elaboration, does it?

Further, 30 days return policy gives ample scope to receive your premium emerald jewelry, get a feel of it and if it falls below your expectations, then rely on the return and exchange policy.

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