Black and White Diamond Dew Drop Earrings @ Angara.comOur ‘Product of the Week’, ‘The Enhanced Black Diamond and White Diamond Fashion Earrings‘ will surely take your breath away. These earrings from our Enhanced Black Diamond Collection make a stunning accessory to dazzle any look. Artisan-made in California, USA, the earrings offer an unlimited brilliance that every woman loves to flaunt.

The earrings feature a paisley design with natural white diamonds on the inner curve while the outer metal curve is high polished. The space between the two is filled with enhanced black diamonds of varying size. Fashioned in 10K White Gold, the earrings are a visual treat.

The monochrome effect of the earrings is another reason why you should get them. This retro style is a trend that will stay for longer than you expect. This celebrity style is a red carpet staple. It was a major attraction at Oscars, Grammy and Emmys this year, and it is expected to be around for another year and so.

Black and white best compliments any look. It is perfect for a bridal style as well as makes a chic selection for a formal or casual fashion. With these paisley earrings, you can easily achieve a desired style in no time. Therefore, if you want an accessory to suit your dynamic personality, look no further then these enhanced black diamond earrings.

They can also be a perfect gift to treasure a special moment. Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or any important date, these captivating fashion earrings are ideal for all. The dazzle of diamond and the glow of gold can easily elevate the mood for celebration.

What’s more! These exotic enhanced black diamond and white diamond earrings, for a very limited time, are available at a special value of 15% Off. You will also get assured free jewelry gifts, so make sure to order for them now. Remember to use the code SE0975BKDD15 at checkout to avail this exciting offer.


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