We know exactly how you feel when your mind is swinging back and forth saying, ‘she loves me, she loves me not’. Your stomach is in a knot, your heart skips beats and you are unable to eat or sleep. You just want to know to what extent and how exactly she feels about you. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, a great opportunity is presented for you to find out if your dream girl feels the same way that you feel about her. Let’s explore great Valentine’s Day gift ideas that’ll express your feelings, and you’ll discover her feelings towards you:


1. Chocolates: Present her favorite chocolate on V Day. We know chocolates are easily exchanged between friends, but most women are not that ignorant, realizing your feelings on that day! If she accepts with a smile, there you go. She likes you and this is certainly a great next step towards your long-term relationship.


2. Roses: Though roses can also be shared between friends, red roses, especially shared on Valentine’s Day, present a whole new meaning. To be on a safer side, present roses of different colors (not red) to mutual friends, and present her with one red rose. If she blushes, rest assured, she is falling for you!


3. Dinner: Just casually ask about her plans for the evening and offer to take her out. Be sure to choose the place of her interest. It is definitely different to take her out normally than on Valentine’s Day. She will surely know it and can’t help, but fall in love as the whole ambiance is filled with love.


4. Gift: If you know her well and she feels comfortable around you, you can present a gift, reserved just for V Day. If you are lucky enough, and she’s been in your life for some time, a ring will be the best gift. Express your feelings to the love of your life, “Yes, I Do”. Go ahead and exhale as she loves you forever!


The above ideas are sure to clarify if she feels the same for you. Gentlemen, stop plucking the rose petals in confusion of ‘she loves me, she loves me not’. Take the next step in expressing how much you love her, before someone else does so. For more Valentine’s Day great gift ideas, visit www.Angara.com today.

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