“Women who wear black lead colorful lives.” Even a small touch of black added to any warm color makes your outfit appear more elegant and breathtaking. Mixing black in your color palette creates an inspiring look.


This contrast goes well with jewelry as well, especially when it comes to fusing black and gold. Black diamonds, studded on yellow gold metal, represent the epitome of classiness with glamour. Recently, this combination has been quite a celebrated trend in the fashion world. It outpours excellence in all styles of jewelry, whether we consider vintage, retro or modern.


Be it an evening dinner or midnight dance party, black and gold jewelry always makes an eye-catching arrival. Both color tones mix up fantastically, and turn into a masterpiece of jewelry. Gratifying desires of all ages and times, women choose to look young and glow with black stunners. It is easy to customize this combination as you can flaunt a bold look or keep modest; the choice is up to you.


Sensational black and warm gold produce an excellent contrast. If black diamond costs you more, you can choose Black Onyx instead. Black onyx makes a timeless contrast with yellow gold and is a relatively inexpensive option over black diamonds. This gemstone is truly appreciated for its uniqueness and elegance. Nonetheless, let’s face the truth, diamonds are diamonds.

However, with all special offers available at Angara right now, black diamond and gold jewelry is quite spectacular and budget-savvy. Holiday season is indeed the perfect time to add such glistening contrast to your jewel collection. Just apply coupon code BLKFR15, and Angara offers you the best deal and value. Angara looks forward to making your holiday parties much more exciting and ravishing.

Tell us your thoughts about this color contrast in jewelry. Post your comments on what black and gold jewelry design you love the most at Angara. The leading colored gemstone company will be glad to make your wishes come true.

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