Different eras have come and gone, and times have certainly changed. Even in today’s era, when we’ve become materialistic and desire instant gratification. Although, times have changed, we can’t escape the feeling and power of love! It is a basic necessity to love and to be loved by others.


The greatest day of expressing love worldwide is February 14th, more commonly known as Valentine’s Day. This day of year continues to witness love stories, constantly evolving. This day has experienced new beginnings for some, and for others has end of chapters. Although locking lips remains the most famous expression of love, no one can deny the importance of a ring.

But, do you know what special meanings your rings carry? In order to save you time and investment, let’s discuss different rings and their hidden meanings:

  1. Three Stone Rings
    The usage of three gems symbolizes past, present and future. People in love associate their relationship with eternal commitment and love.
  2. Eternity Rings
    Studded with gems in a complete circular format, these rings perfectly convey a message of timeless love. They are commonly preferred as wedding rings.
  3. Solitaire Rings
    The focus here is only on one gemstone. Simply put, it says, ‘you are my one and my only one’. The primary message here is complete and utter commitment and love to one person, your soulmate forever.
  4. Halo Rings
    In this design, a single gemstone is surrounded with other gemstones (mostly diamonds). These rings are very popular and convey the message, ‘you will always be surrounded by my love’.

Ring-Styles-Means-for-Your-Valentine Click Here for Three Stone, EternitySolitaire & Halo Rings

But, the question remains, what are the meanings behind your gemstones. Here is a quick summary:

  1. Diamond
    A forever gemstone and known to be the hardest, diamond displays the feelings of eternal love and commitment. Most brides prefer diamond to be in their engagement and/or wedding ring.
  2. Sapphire
    The increasing trend of brides-to-be wearing sapphire has created a shift, from purchasing traditional diamond rings to ones with sapphire. Popularly blue sapphire reflects colors of deep oceans, representing deep saturated love. Similarly, pink sapphire displays colors of roses, romance and youth.
  3. Emerald
    Since the beginning of its existence, emeralds have been associated with prosperity, exclusivity, luxury and love. People believe exchanging an emerald ring will strengthen their bond of love.
  4. Ruby
    The famous color of red, forever associated with love, passion and romance, is best displayed in rubies. Women love ruby rings just like they love red roses.

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So, which ring designs match your love and personality best? Share with us your idea of love and what do you think is reflected in your rings?

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