‘Life is too short to be the same person every day.’ One superb thing, which makes your life enchanting each day, is Fashion. Modifying your way of dressing, accessorizing, hairstyling, and makeup, time after time, contributes to a zestful life.


Sometimes you follow celebrity’s style while other times you mix your creativity to the current fashion, presenting a unique and stylish you.

Every season and year observes a new trend in clothing, footwear, adornments, color palette, and hairdressing. Among all trends of the year, there are a few that stay long, even more than a decade while some of them show a remarkable resurgence after years. Likewise, 2014 showcased few classic fashions of previous years and some fresh and urbane trends, which may outlive in New Year 2015.


Let’s take a look at 2014’s most favored fashion fads among women.

Clothing: Last year, one of the favorites among young and high-school girls has been crop tops. They even took over runways and holiday parties. Giving a sporty and chic look over high-rise denims and high-waist skirts, crop top is considered a fashion made popular by pop stars, namely Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. There are plenty of styles to wear a crop top. Click here to see various ways of carrying this sophisticated trend. Link: http://laurenconrad.com/blog/2014/03/how-to-wear-crop-tops-spring-2014-fashion/


Conversely, bejeweled dresses and gowns studded with stones and sequins work have been the choices of party-lovers. To flaunt an elegant and opulent lifestyle, many A-list stars have gone beyond limits in choosing metallic outfits for them.

Footwear: It has been a year of comfort wear where sneakers, crocs, boots and fur shoes were chosen by women of all ages. In fact, they are the best to go out and work in chilly mornings and evenings of the current winter season.


However, some of the red carpet events, in 2014, celebrated pearly heels and designer stilettos. Golden and silver details on shoes look gorgeous with high-slit dresses and skirts.

Handbags: Most women love to own and carry handbags of different designs, shapes, and sizes. They are indeed a major accompaniment, which completes the look of a lady at her workplace and evening parties.


Unlike big handbags, you could see an inclination towards medium and small-sized options, last year. Printed totes and gemstone-flecked clutches had been widely treasured. Moreover, bags with animal prints, floral embroideries, metallic details, and leather touches made a classy display in all high-end stores.

Jewelry: Magnetized towards the brilliance of diamonds and gemstones, nearly all women find it imperfect to go out without dazzling jewelry. Cute pairs of earrings, a shimmering necklace, and stylish rings and bracelets outshine the real feminism in all women. Thus, jewelry has been and will always be a significant feature of a woman’s attire.


For the whole year, choker necklaces, all-finger rings and stackables, oversized earrings such as chandeliers, and double-sided earrings have been a much-loved choice of A-list stars and many other women. Additionally, two-tone and rose gold blings made an outstanding comeback, especially in wedding jewelry.

Hairstyles and Accessories: Fishtail braids of different styles have been the most adored among girls and elderly women this year. It is certainly one of the most elegant and tidy hairstyles, which reveals every fine detail of a girls’ face.


In addition to this, side ponytails, short waves, side-swept lose hair and all pulled back (goddess look) were the other hottest hairdos spotted on various red carpet events.

If you love the angelic Cinderella look, embellish your hair with shiny hair color and floral head accessories. Gold-plated and studded and crystal headbands glamorized the overall fairy look of many starlets, in 2014. You can make a luxuriant statement by adding an attractive headwear and a tulle fascinator to your casual or festive attire.

Color Palette: Though 2014 was blown up with all kinds of blazing and pastel shades, ‘Radiant Orchid’ was officially declared as Pantone Color of the Year. Following the latest trend, modern women opted for vivid variants such as dark pink, lavender, bright purple, and many related shades in their clothing and jewelry. Precious jewelry pieces of pink sapphire and amethyst produced huge sales post this announcement.


What have you to say about fashion trends 2014? Share your thoughts and tell us what style you are going to carry along in 2015 as well.

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