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Intricately crafted to enchant, each jewelry piece is unique and significant in its own way. These symbols of good luck and prosperity are adorned with glimmering gems that take the design to new heights. Wear them to attract the good things in life or to simply make a powerful statement of style.
Lucky Clover Jewelry
Discover Good Fortune

A clover is a traditional symbol of luck. Each leaf on the clover represents a different characteristic, namely health, wealth, love and fame. Carry your luck wherever you go by wearing gorgeous clover jewelry.

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Lucky Horseshoe Jewelry
Luck is Yours

The horseshoe symbol is commonly considered as a sign of good luck and protection. Adorn yourself with an ornate horseshoe for that extra boost of luck whenever you need it.

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Hamsa Hand Lucky Jewelry
Love & Protection
Hamsa /Fatima hand

Symbolizing the hand of God, the Hamsa was used as an amulet in ancient times. It is also believed to be a protective sign by most faiths. Wear this symbol to attract love, happiness, health and good fortune.

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Evil Eye Lucky Jewelry
Protect Your Aura
Evil Eye

An evil eye is a lucky charm that protects the wearer from curses caused due to malevolent glares, also known as the evil eye. Ward off misfortunes, bad luck or injury by wearing evil eye jewelry.

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Lucky Key Jewelry
Unlock New Possibilities

The key is symbolic of new paths, new adventures and new undertakings. Wear an ornate key as a reminder to yourself that you hold the key to your future and there is nothing that you can't overcome.

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Religious lucky Jewelry
Celebrate your faith with endless sparkle!

The cross is worn as an indication of one's commitment to the Christian faith. It is also believed to protect the wearer from evil. Express your faith in style without having to say a word by donning cross jewelry.

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Shooting Star Jewelry
Wish upon a Star
Shooting Star

A shooting star is considered to be a sign of good luck. It is a symbol of magic, dreams and wishes. Adorn this sparkling symbol of hope to draw positivity into your life.

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Star of David Jewelry
Guard Yourself
Star of David

The shield of David, more commonly known as the star of David, is a symbol associated with Judaism. It represents the belief that God protects you from all six directions. Adorn the star of David jewelry for protection and blessings to achieve your goals.

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Lucky Wishbone Jewelry
Make a Wish

Wishbones are associated with the Thanksgiving tradition of tugging on the V-shaped bone, obtained from the carcass of the turkey, and making a wish. Wear wishbone jewelry as a reminder to wish big and make it happen.

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Peace Sign Jewelry
Find Peace

Originally created to signify nuclear disarmament, the peace sign has become a popular jewelry motif. Wear it to silently support a cause or simply adorn the symbol of universal peace as a personal style statement.

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Wheel of Life Jewelry
Wheel of Life

The wheel symbolizes the circulatory motion of wealth and prosperity in life. Adorn wheel jewelry to remind yourself that everything in life is temporary, and that change is inevitable.

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Yin Yang Jewelry
Find Your Balance
Yin Yang

The Yin-Yang is a historical symbol that represents harmony and balance within the universe. It promotes the belief that opposites or seemingly contrary forces are interconnected. Wear Yin-Yang jewelry to indicate the need for balance in all things.

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Axe Jewelry
Aim Big

Since the ancient times, the axe as a symbol is believed to attract success. Historical art depicts double bladed axes as a sign of power. Adorn ornate axe jewelry to bring in success and positivity.

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Lucky Barnstar Jewelry
Attract Good Luck

Barnstars are decorative five-sided stars that were usually painted outside houses and barns. They are believed to bring in good fortune. Wear this symbol to attract a little extra luck when required.

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