Oval Opal Split Shank Halo Ring

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The jewelry appraisal document includes the details of the stone (carat, quality & grade) and other product specifications. It provides the documentation needed for customers to obtain insurance for the item. The appraisal is an advantage because it will reflect the difference between the price offered by Angara and the market rates. All pieces of jewelry are only appraised by GIA certified gemologists. Jewelry appraisals provide customers with a better understanding of what they purchased and enhances confidence in the purchase.
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Traditional Retail $3,299
Special Offer: $1,781 with Code COLORS

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Select Gemstone Quality

Quality Grade - Good (A): Milky appearance with very less play-of-color. Surface blemishes are present. Opaque in nature.

Quality Grade - Better (AA): Has a milky appearance. Color play is low. Very less surface blemishes are present.

Quality Grade - Best (AAA): Shows moderate play-of-color. Milky with extremely less surface imperfections. Belongs to the top 10% category of opals.

Quality Grade - Heirloom (AAAA): Exceptional play-of-color. Surface is free of blemishes. Found at the finest boutiques in the world.

Select Carat Weight
0.52 carat
0.81 carat
1.18 carats
1.50 carats
1.87 carats

Approximate Carat Weight: 0.28 carat of Opal, 0.24 carat of Diamond.

Approximate Carat Weight: 0.45 carat of Opal, 0.37 carat of Diamond.

Approximate Carat Weight: 0.80 carat of Opal, 0.38 carat of Diamond.

Approximate Carat Weight: 1.10 carats of Opal, 0.40 carat of Diamond.

Approximate Carat Weight: 1.45 carats of Opal, 0.42 carat of Diamond.

Select Metal Type
Rose Gold
Yellow Gold
White Gold

14K Rose Gold: Exuding a delightful rosy hue, 14k rose gold adds a hint of romance to any jewelry piece. Flatters all skin tones.

14K Yellow Gold: Rich and exuberant, this metal is perfect for anyone who likes to keep it classic.

14K White Gold: This metal is the standard and most popular choice for fine jewelry.

Platinum: The most durable, rare and premium metal for fine jewelry. Platinum weighs more and is more substantial to wear. It is hypoallergenic and apt for anyone with sensitive skin.